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ATRIUM is part of Erasmus + DECRA

September 2017

 ATRIUM is one of the partners of the approved project Erasmus + DECRA. Thanks to the FFICE (Fédération Française des Itinéraires Culturels Européens), the ATRIUM association will have the opportunity to collaborate with other cultural routes. 

ATRIUM on "Plein Air"

September 2017

The prestigious magazine Plein Air (September issue) includes a tourism report on the town of Forlì: seven pages and many photographs, explaining the potential of the “geogrphic and sentimental” heart of the Romagana. Among other sites, the ATRIUM itinerary and Forlì’s architectural heritage deriving from the Fascist period are mentioned as a worthwhile

Ferrara and ATRIUM on "Internazionale"

September 2017

Within the context of teh annual celebration of the geopolitical magazione "Internzionale", the ATRIUM itinerary of Ferrara has been mentioned as a new and worthwhile alternative tour through the city: "La Ferrara razionalista" - "Rationalist Ferrara".

Read the article (Italian language).

ATRIUM on the Tagesspiegel

July 2017


The important daily newspaper Tagesspiegel (Berlin) has published an article about the ATRIUM cultural route, focusing on the architectural heritage deriving from the Fascist period in the district of Forlì.

Download the article (German language).

Press Release - BoG/GA in Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2017

On 6 and 7 June 2017, the Board of Governors and the General Assembly of the ATRIUM Association is hold in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For more details, download the Press Release.

Communication - ATRIUM Scientific Committee

March 2017

Beacuse of the recent public discussion about the intention to promote tourism in the province of Forlì-Cesena (Italy) by lighting the beacon on the tower of the newly-restored Rocca delle Caminate, the ATRIUM Scientific Committe expressed its disagreement on the issue, during its meeting held in Labin (Croatia) on 2 March 2017.

A causa dell‘attuale discussione pubblica rispetto alle intenzioni di promuovere il turismo nella Provincia di Forlì-Cesena attraverso l’accensione del Faro della Rocca delle Caminate, che è stata recentemente restaurato, il Comitato Scientifico ATRIUM esprime il dissenso sulla questione durante l’incontro tenutosi il 2 marzo 2017 a Labin (Croazia).

Communication ATRIUM Scientific Committee / Comunicato Comitato Scientifico ATRIUM