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The Transparency Plan of the ATRIUM Association has been elaborated in accordance with the Italian legislation (D. Lgs 33/2013) and in conformity with those articles which are applicable to the Association ATRIUM - Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XXth century In Europe's Urban Memory.

By means of the Transparency Plan, a global accessibility to the information regarding the organisation and activities of the Association is guaranteed. The following information is envisaged:

• Composition of the governing bodies and management structure
• Annual balances, remunerations and regulations
• Activities (including minutes of the governing bodies)

Some of this information is given on the current webpage: Annual Balances and Regulations. Other issues are accessible within the section “About Us”, particularly under “ATRIUM Association”, “Members” and “Activities”.

Annual Balances

Annual balance and audit report (EN/IT) 2020
Annual balance and audit report (IT) 2019
Annual balance and audit report (EN/IT) 2018
Annual balance and audit report (EN /IT) 2017
Annual balance and audit report 2016
Annual balance and audit report 2015 
Annual balance and audit report 2014  

Activity Plans

Final activity plan 2018
Final activity plan 2017


Transparency Plan
Use of the logo
Procurement Policy and Travel Policy


The roles of the Presidency, the Board of Governors, the General Assembly and the Scientific Committee are not remunerated. For the remuneration of collaborators, consultant and auditors, refer to the attached contracts:

ARGO, European Projects
Sandra Nauert, Web Content
Giovanni Battista Furno, Auditor
Americo Francia, Accountant
Sara Guerreri, Secretariat