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ATRIUM on Radio 3

December 2017

Elisa Giovannetti, President of the ATRIUM cultural route, participates in a transmission of Radio 3 "Tutta la città ne parla". She explains how walls, archives and memories represent the dissonant heritage ATRIUM deals with, and how important it is to raise awareness about the our 20th century history and its tragedies.

Listen to the podcast by choosing transmission of 18/12/2017 "Ho visto un re".

ATRIUM on Radio Francigena

October 2017

Elisa Giovannetti, President of the ATRIUM cultural route and Ulisse Tramonti, member of the ATRIUM Scientific Committee, give an interview on Radio Francigena, within the programme "Sulla Via: Speciale Itinerari Culturali d'Europa". Other interviewees are Stefano Dominioni, Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, as well as representatives of other cultural routes.

Listen to the podcast (in Italian).

Preparing the dossier for the confirmation of the ATRIUM route

September 2017

ATRIUM at work. The association is preparing the 3 years evaluation dossier for the confirmation of the ATRIUM route as official Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

ATRIUM is part of Erasmus + DECRA

September 2017

 ATRIUM is one of the partners of the approved project Erasmus + DECRA. Thanks to the FFICE (Fédération Française des Itinéraires Culturels Européens), the ATRIUM association will have the opportunity to collaborate with other cultural routes. 

ATRIUM on "Plein Air"

September 2017

The prestigious magazine Plein Air (September issue) includes a tourism report on the town of Forlì: seven pages and many photographs, explaining the potential of the “geogrphic and sentimental” heart of the Romagana. Among other sites, the ATRIUM itinerary and Forlì’s architectural heritage deriving from the Fascist period are mentioned as a worthwhile

Ferrara and ATRIUM on "Internazionale"

September 2017

Within the context of teh annual celebration of the geopolitical magazione "Internzionale", the ATRIUM itinerary of Ferrara has been mentioned as a new and worthwhile alternative tour through the city: "La Ferrara razionalista" - "Rationalist Ferrara".

Read the article (Italian language).