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Restoration of shaft headgear

An underground experience

Future restoration projects: healing wounds

Most recently, the Pijacal mining complex has been adapted to new uses, such as the new town library. The projects are not only about restoring physical places and buildings, but also about restoring and healing wounds related to the work in the mine. Future projects include:

  • a mutlifunctional centre in the former bathrooms
  • a museum about mining activities in the former lamp house
  • a new elevator for the 570 metres deep shaft to access the mine tunnels
  • a circular tunnel itinerary to experience the history of the mine work

An experience 570 metres underground

The tall steel tower is 32.5 metres high, and the shaft is 570 metres deep. The headgear elevator started to operate in 1938, transporting miners (16 in each cage at three levels), full or empty coal wagons and other equipment. Today, the tower is mostly covered with rust.

The project involves the restoration of the steel tower and the implementation of a new elevator for visitors in order to access the former mine tunnels. A circular tunnel itinerary connecting Podlabin, Raša and Rabac will offer the history of the miners’ working and living conditions, as well as their mental and physical strength.

Moreover, a museum about mining activities is planned in the former lamp house, in memory of the innumerable miners that lost their lives.