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Regenerating marginal spaces and connecting people

Historical place: bus depot

The bus depot of the company ATR (formerly SITA) was a huge garage in the middle of the town centre of Forlì. It was constructed in 1935 to resolve the problem of the lack of train connections with the surrounding territories. As well as a workshop for transport maintenance, then, it was, right from the beginning, a place connecting people and the surrounding areas.

Social and cultural innovation through regeneration

EX-ATR is a regeneration project aimed at updating the place and its origins. It aims to become a cultural hub, putting into contact creative industries, arts, university and different territories in order to produce social and cultural innovation in the town.

EX-ATR is a “factory of ideas”, a space for arts, a laboratory which experiments the role of creativity as well as of visual, performative and applied arts. All this within the concept of regenerating marginal spaces, a site which can activate young creative energy in the area.

The project is a collaboration between the Municipality of Forlì, ATR as well as the cultural associations Spazi Indecisi and Città di Ebla. Since 2011, numerous events demonstrating the potential of the depot as a cultural centre have been organized.