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The Faro Convention Action Plan Handbook 2018/2019



"Clionet. Per un senso del tempo e dei luoghi" - Indipendent magazine of  Public History: stories, itineraries, knowledge, art and professions. We talk about anything that promotes narrations, interpretations and the understanding of the contemporary present.


Virtual exhibition 

A virtual experience of the exhibition "Architettura e Urbanistica nelle Terre d'Oltremare" on the architecture and urban planning overseas (Dodecanese, Ethiopia, Albania - 1924-1943) presented in Forlì, Italy in 2017.


ATRIUM Digital Catalogue - Photo, video, audio & Co 

The digital catalogue of the ATRIUM project is a tool that supports the objective of better understanding and promoting objects of heritage related to the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century. It is designed to enable a community of users and stakeholders to record such heritage in a systematic way, providing a range of resources, such as photos and images, videos, audio files and oral testimonies, printed historical or current content, etc.