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Sports Complex in neoclassical style built in the 1950s

Photo: Municipality of Ştei Archive

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Colonnades of the sports complex

Photo: Municipality of Ştei Archive

Sports Complex

The Sports Complex with the Community Swimming Pool is located at the opposite end of the main street axis, mirroring the Administrative Palace. The entrance is marked by a four-column portico in neoclassical style, perfectly matching the four columns that decorate the facade of the opposing Administrative Palace.

Architectural composition

The architectural composition of the sports facility is striking, and its decoration, destination and symbolic intention most likely make it unique. The complex was built on a cruciform plan. Three perfectly symmetrical contiguous bodies flanked by elegant porticoes join the vast central gymnasium with the two locker rooms. The portico colonnade serves also as a gate to the courtyard of the community swimming pool. The two porticoes are particularly remarkable as they emphasize the symbolic idea of an ancient temple dedicated to the strength, harmony, and beauty of the human body.

Interwar minimalist constructivism

The Community Swimming Pool has preserved the two essential components: the pool itself and the well-proportioned adjoining trampoline, in accordance with the interwar minimalist constructivism.