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School Tours of Architecture and Power in the Twentieth Century


a brand of educational school tours for high school students. The idea comes from the
experience of the ATRIUM European Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe
and takes shape thanks to the ATRIUM Plus European Project, financed by the INTERREG
CBC Italy-Croatia Programme.

The ATRIUM Route aims at critically investigating the tangible marks that were
left all over Europe, from East to West, by the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century.
Now more than ever, young generations must be aware of what happened in our recent
past, including the tragedies that marked this period, so that they can become responsible
citizens, mindful of their need to make cautious choices in the present.


Download the ATRIUM GO! general brochure in:

Italian/English language
Croatian/English language

Download the ATRIUM GO! brochures of the following itineraries: