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IL BUE NERO - theatre play

7 December 2019 (Forlì, Italy)

Il BUE NERO o della coscienza degli italiani

Date: 7 December, 21 PM
Venue: Teatro Giovanni Testori, Forlì

Direction: Ivonne Capece
Dramaturgy: Marzio Badalì
Stage/costumes: Micol Vighi
Actors: Elisa Petrolini, Nicola Santolini
Production: (S)Blocco5 in partnership with Elsinor Centro di Troduzione Teatrale and AICS - Assozciazione Italiana Cultura e Sport, with the contribution of the region Emilia-Romagna: winning project of the memory contest 2019

Il Bue Nero - o della cattia coscienza degli italiani is a journey through the memory, but not exactly through history. It is a grotesque and provocative study our conscience, our frustrated ideals and the inconcgruency of the nature of human beings, or better of the nature of italians.

The theatre play is part of a wider project entitled IO NON CI SONO - itineraries in the Fascist, anti-Fascist and post-Fascist  Emilia-Romagna, focusing on the idea that places are containers of memory, but also of bodies.

Director's note:

Il Bue Nero is the historical experience of the dictatorship "in corpore Mussolini" - represented by "a national ox", willing to work under the goad of the nation, ready to kill in order not to be killed. A huge invasive body, which has dominated Italy for 20 years on a political and emotional level, and which even after its death was able to block the streets towards democray. 

The theatre play reflects on the invasiveness of the dictator's body, on how the Italian's conscience was heavily affected. The storyline develops through a series of dreamlike scenes, grotesque and symbolic - a journey through the souls of Italian people rather than across historical events.