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Practices of Contemporary Art

The ATRIUM Cultural Route recognises the great potential of contemporary art practices to interpret and re-interpret the material heritage built under totalitarian and autocratic regimes in the 20th century. In fact, the association supports a series of contemporary art projects – ranging from the video art, theatre, photography, visual and graphic art - offering new and unique perspectives on the ATRIUM heritage. Examples are the theatre play “Die Mauer – Il Muro” or the work of video art Alzaia(S), which were both produces under the patronage of the ATRIUM Association.

Die Mauer - Il Muro (theatre play)

SPEER Architettura e|è potere (theatre play)

Danilo Rossi: The Great Gig in the Sky
(music performance)

Il Bue Nero (theatre play)

Enzo Favata Starship - 80 years of Carbonia
(music performance)