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W-CHILD brings together 4 partners of different nature: URBAN Association (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as the lead partner, Fundatia Academia Civica (Romania), Post Bellum, a non profit non governmental organisation (Czech Republic), and the ATRIUM Association (Italy).

  • URBAN of Sarajevo: it is one of the most active actors on the BiH cultural scene nowadays. It organizes the biggest Festival of Photography in Balkans (Balkan Photo Festival) and opened the WAR CHILDHOOD MUSEUM, the world’s only museum focused exclusively on the experience of childhood affected by war. The 2018 Council of Europe Museum Prize has been awarded to the Museum as a “powerful self-sustained model of civic initiative”;
  • Fundatia Academia Civica of Bucarest: it was founded in 1994 by the Romanian writers to provide civic education on the recent past of Romania and of Eastern Europe. Its main project is the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, which became the world’s first memorial to the victims of communism, with sixty permanent exhibition rooms;
  • Post Bellum of Prague was formed by a group of historians and journalists to increase public knowledge of the 20th century history of the Czech Republic, especially among younger generations. Post Bellum has collected thousands of interviews with testimonies as part of their documentation project, Stories of the 20th Century, and for their online archive, Memory of Nations. They organize various other projects and activities to raise awareness of modern history.
  • ATRIUM Association and European Cultural Route.