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Personal stories of discrimination and Persecution under the totalitarian regimes of the XX century


The project PEOPLE was born as a possible answer to the emerging need of providing young Europeans with deeper knowledge on persecutions that affected EU countries under Totalitarian regimes.

PEOPLE aims at exploring different types of persecutions (Jews, ethnic, religious, intellectuals) perpetuated by totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century by collecting micro personal stories of victims. The objective is to present the collected stories to a large audience, to stimulate the reflection of this common history among different countries, raising awareness of the meaning of diversity and of the importance of a shared common understanding.


The project will foresee:

  • a research/preparation phase in 5 different countries (IT, HR, AL, PT/FR, BG) on different types of persecutions, collecting stories, pictures and witnesses;
  • an itinerant live performance of the collected stories (reading + photo exhibition) that will cross the 4 countries involving people also in parallel activities to promote intercultural dialog & reconciliation.

The project is expected to have a strong appeal to a younger audience thanks to the presentation of the topic through personal stories.

Further information:

project brochure

project summary

info on the project in Bulgarian language

info on the project in Albanian language